10 Minute Makeover: Flower Vase

title 2Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was filled with pleasure and relaxation. Ours was lovely despite quite a bit of rain in our area. Somehow we lucked out and the rain did not interfere with the timing of the outdoor activities.

On my regular Saturday visit to the local Farmers Market, I picked up some pretty flowers. I started arranging them in a cylindrical glass vase, but I wasn’t thrilled with the look. After checking my stash in search of an alternative container, I decided that it was time to complete a simple container makeover hack that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Yummy Tomatoes!

DSC_0047ew titleTomāto or Tomäto.

No matter how you pronounce it, I LOVE tomatoes. I think that I inherited my love of tomatoes from my father. He loved tomatoes too. He grew lots of tomatoes in his garden every year. And all through tomato season, there was a plate of fresh sliced tomatoes on the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He grew lots and lots of tomatoes. My mother canned lots and lots of them. And Daddy gave lots of tomatoes away to the neighbors, especially the widows at their rural church in Virginia. So I guess the love of tomatoes is sort of in my DNA. Continue reading

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I’m Not Ready to Let Go of Summer

DSC_0110ecw title“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”
Walt Whitman

I am not ready to let go of summer. I know. I know. Bloggers everywhere are turning to Fall topics. And I am looking forward to fall also. I am beginning to make plans for fall decor and menu items.

BUT…IT’S STILL SUMMER and I want to wring every last drop of sunny summer pleasure out of this season before turning to fall! I am not ready to say farewell to summer yet! So this week I changed out my dining room table decor and created another summertime table. Continue reading

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Enjoying Summer’s Bounty

DSC_0088e2cw title

Truly one of the best things about summer is the wonderful fresh produce that is available! I relish visiting farmers markets every week from April through the late fall. It is always a treat for the senses seeing the colorful variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as the flowers and plants, fresh eggs, cheeses, local honey, organic meats and poultry, homemade breads, and other assorted products offered by the vendors.  Often there are musicians as well, adding to the sensory delight. On Saturday morning I visited our town’s weekly Farmers’ Market. Continue reading

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Decorating in Miniature

DSC_0977ew titleSpending time with my grandchildren is one of my greatest blessings! We love it when they visit us for sleepovers. During the summer months, those overnight stays are sometimes multiple nights. The granddaughters enjoy working on some kind of craft project when they visit, so I keep a few craft kits, a stash of craft materials, and some project ideas on hand. Some time ago, I purchased two cardboard dollhouse kits by Lille Huset. I’d been holding these kits in my collection, knowing that the girls would enjoy them sometime. Lille Huset dollhouses are made from a durable, heavy cardboard, are easy to construct  and can also be disassembled easily for storage. Continue reading

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