Labor Day Weekend in the Mountains

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What a lovely weekend! Our area had a bit of a preview of fall, with morning temperatures in the upper 50s and high temperatures in the 70s. And we took advantage of the lovely weather, engaging in several outdoor activities and opening up the house to let in the fresh air and the gentle breeze. Continue reading

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My Autumn Inspiration

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A couple of weeks ago I shared that I wasn’t ready to let go of summer. I delight in the special joys of every season. When we lived in south Florida, with its hot and oh-so-very-humid summers, I was pleased when the summer was over and temperatures moderated a bit…usually in late October or early November. But now that we live in the heavenly mountains of North Carolina, where we have summers that are comparatively mild, I am never in a rush for the end of summer.  I love summer flowers and the wide variety of fresh summer fruits and vegetables and I love summer outdoor activities like concerts and picnics and watching my grandchildren play in the creek.

That said, I also absolutely L.O.V.E. autumn in the mountains, too! And since that previous post, I’ve begun to embrace the onset of fall. Continue reading

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Our MT Nest is 1 Year Old!

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This brief entry is to commemorate the first anniversary of Our MT Nest. Last Friday was one year since I set up this blog website. Although I began writing occasional “blog” entries shortly after my retirement in December 2013, they were initially saved as Word documents. When I finally got around to setting up this online blog in August 2015, those previously-written entries were transferred to the online format. Those initial online entries were published a year ago this week. Continue reading

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Progress Update: Our BIG Summer Project

DSC_0043ecw titleWhen we set our home improvement goals and plans for 2016, the biggest project we wanted to tackle was to install a storage building/garage and a picnic area on the lower portion of our lot. We began this project in late March and the progress has been slower than we had hoped it would be. Continue reading

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10 Minute Makeover: Flower Vase

title 2Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was filled with pleasure and relaxation. Ours was lovely despite quite a bit of rain in our area. Somehow we lucked out and the rain did not interfere with the timing of the outdoor activities.

On my regular Saturday visit to the local Farmers Market, I picked up some pretty flowers. I started arranging them in a cylindrical glass vase, but I wasn’t thrilled with the look. After checking my stash in search of an alternative container, I decided that it was time to complete a simple container makeover hack that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Continue reading

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