April 5, 2014: Spring is the Thing!


In south Florida, one doesn’t notice spring so much. When you experience warm days, sunshine, and greenery pretty much year round, spring isn’t really all that noticeable. I spent the majority of my life in south Florida, all but the first seven years and one year in my early thirties when I lived temporarily in Louisiana.

So this year, I am REALLY.ENJOYING.SPRING. What a blessing it is to watch the world come alive again after months of dormancy! Each day I see more buds and more green. Daffodils, forsythia, peach blooms, cherry blossoms. Our little dogwood tree has buds too and will soon be covered in blooms. Each day I see a few more birds. There are calves being born to the cows in our neighbor’s field, and we can see them from our front deck. We are seeing a few more squirrels and chipmunks scampering about each day. Today as we drove the road up the mountain, we saw a little rabbit dash across in front of us. It was the first rabbit I’ve seen since we arrived. The flock of turkeys has been vocal but less visible. When we first arrived they were all around the house on a daily basis, but now they are too busy nesting somewhere up the mountain. We hear them, but haven’t seen them strutting around.

So far, we don’t have much in the way of landscaping, but my daughter’s yard is full of beautiful blooming plants. When I was babysitting my grandson a few days ago, I took a few photos.


azaleas close


Spring is truly awe-inspiring! Rebirth, reawakening, renewal! I absolutely LOOOOOOVE it!

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