April 7, 2014: Progress Update

We’ve been here for almost three weeks. Progress on our To Do List has been slow, but we are progressing nonetheless.

By far, the most frustrating situation has been our lack of internet service. Thankfully, we have smart phones, but not having an internet connection at home is truly inconvenient. I must say that I never realized how much I relied on the internet until I didn’t have easy access to it!

More than a month before the move, we contacted the local cable company to arrange cable installation of cable and internet service. We were scheduled for the beginning of the week of March 24th, just 4 days after our arrival. At least that was according to the cable company employee we spoke with back then. Well, that date came and passed with no cable installers in sight. Cable company installers came on March 31st and began running the line up the hill to our house. They came back on April 1st and finished that part of the job, but we still haven’t seen anyone to complete the interior installation. We’re told that there’s a problem with the connection “at the pole.” There are many subcontractors who are working on the installation of our community’s new fiber optic cable system. We apparently have to be patient while they resolve whatever the problem is. But it is soooo inconvenient and FRUSTRATING!!!

Now that I am finished griping, back to reporting on our progress. So far we have completed installation of a closet system and shelving in one downstairs bedroom and one linen closet. We purchased a cabinet unit for above the laundry appliances and will be installing it this week. Some of our boxes have been unpacked and their contents put away. We had a landscaper give us a proposal and Mr. MT Nest has begun doing some post-winter clean-up on the property. We also had the carpet installer patch the missing 4 foot x 3 inch strip in each of the downstairs bedrooms which resulted when we removed the old baseboard heaters last December. (The baseboard heaters were a relic of our old vacation home which we no longer need because, as part of the renovations, we installed a reverse-cycle heat pump system.) We selected tile for the pantry floor and will probably get started on the pantry next week.

We took a break from working on the house for a few days to spend time with our two granddaughters while they were on spring break. We took a road trip with them and visited the Schiele Museum and planetarium in Gastonia, NC and the Discovery Place in Charlotte, and also visited with family who live nearby.

W and B 1 Wildflower and Bluebird operating a Rube Goldberg Contraption at Discovery Place

W and B 2

W and B 3 Two of the monuments we encountered on our hike at Kings Mountain

W and B 4 “Resting” on the monument before finishing the rest of our hike

In addition to the few days spent with the granddaughters during their spring recess, I’ve been babysitting for our 7 month old grandson two days each week while his mommy works. He’s the sweetest, most adorable Little Man, with a smile that completely melts my heart.

EJ 1 Adorable Little Man

What a wonderful blessing it is to now be living near enough to my grandchildren to spend time with them on a regular basis!

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