April 23, 2014: Success! Closet System Installed

The IKEA storage system works perfectly for the weird closet in our guest room. Before installing it, Mr. Handy Hubby custom fit four shelves for each end of the closet. Here are the shelves before painting and installation.


And here is one of the shelves after installation.


Here are the Stolmen system components after installation.


And the shelves at each end of the closet



I am absolutely thrilled to finally have a place in this room to hang clothing…and the shelving turns otherwise unusable space into super storage! I know… it’s a little weird to be soooo excited over a closet. But I do love organization and making the most of every inch of closet real estate.

As well, this closet completion means we are one step closer to unpacking all the remaining boxes. And when that happens, it will mean that we really are home. A major milestone. The slow transition will be complete. That milestone is still a few months away…but we took another step in that direction with the completion of this closet customization.

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