May 12, 2014: The Pantry Project Demo

Now that we’ve installed custom closet built-ins and/or systems in all the bedroom closets, the laundry, and the two downstairs linen closets, the next major project is improving the pantry. The pantry is a small (3½ ft. x 5 ft.)  walk-in closet with a window just off the kitchen. We originally installed (sometime in the late 80’s) shiny no-wax sheet vinyl flooring and three wire shelves. The flooring was a continuation of what was in the kitchen and the wire shelves provided sufficient storage when this was just a vacation home. The rest of the pantry was filled with brooms, mops, ironing board, and some seasonal items like charcoal and our hummingbird feeder that was stored in the pantry when we closed up the house each year at the end of our summer vacation.

The Ugly Truth:

Here are the hideous BEFORE pictures of what was maybe the ugliest pantry east of the Mississippi!

pantry 1

Lovely (NOT) 12-inch deep wire shelving, dark would baseboards, and ugly sheet vinyl floor.

pantry 2

And, yes, the walls slope in here also, starting at 60 inches. The grey thing on the wall (to the left) contains telephone lines. Pretty, no? Uh…no!

pantry 3

Taking photos in this tiny room is a challenge. This shot was actually taken from the back porch looking in the window. Notice the missing outlet cover.

pantry 4

This view is looking into the pantry from the kitchen. The best part is the view of the outside. Clearly, this pantry belonged in the Hall of Homeowner Shame…it was never great, and with the dated flooring, sparse shelving, and ugly trim, it had become epicly ugly and certainly did not maximize the potential of the space.

Phase One…Demo:

We began the project with demolition. I was thrilled to get rid of the shelving and baseboards. And even happier when we started ripping out the vinyl flooring, at least until it’s removal revealed (oh, joy!) a surprise.


pantry 5Shelving gone!

pantry 6Baseboards gone! Shiny “no wax” vinyl flooring on the way out!

pantry 7Uh-oh! Once upon a time, there was a leak in the roof in this part of the house. The sub-floor bears the evidence. This discovery necessitated a quick unplanned trip to the home improvement store for materials to replace the damaged sub-floor.

To be continued…

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