May 17, 2014: Pantry, Phase Two

Phase two…Renovation Begins:

pantry 8 Progress…new sub-floor in. Hardi-board installed over sub-floor. Ready to lay the tile.

We have tile at the front and back door entries which was installed several years ago. If we’d planned adequately, we would have purchased extra tiles that could be installed in the pantry. We wanted to match the entry tile because if the pantry door is open, the tile inside the pantry and the tile by the back door entry are both visible, separated by a wall. But, we couldn’t find the exact tile so we matched it as closely as we could.

pantry 9One day later…tile was installed and grouted!

pantry 10

One more day’s work and the walls are painted, and new baseboards and shelving supports are installed.

While my handy hubby was working on installing the shelving supports, I was outside sanding, staining, and coating wood shelves with polyurethane in the backyard under a pop-up canopy.

pantry 11pantry 12pantry 13pantry 14

pantry 15

I wanted some drawers installed in the pantry. So before we started this project, we ordered three custom unfinished drawer boxes made to our measurements by Lakeside Moulding & Manufacturing Co. The drawers came unfinished and not assembled, so I had to sand, stain, and assemble the drawers as well.

pantry 16pantry 17

This phase of pantry renovation is complete. Four large shelves are installed, 20 inches deep, spaced 15 inches apart vertically. Three drawer boxes are stained and assembled and awaiting proper hardware and installation.

pantry 18

At this point, 5 days into this project, I am feeling anxious to put away all the pantry items that are spread all over the dining room table and in boxes on the floor. But that would be premature. Shelves filled with pantry items will be in the way of the work still needed. We haven’t been able to find suitable drawer glides that can be installed on the shelves without any side supports. Mr. MT Nest is consulting a local cabinet maker. Hopefully he will have the answer!

To be continued…

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