May 22, 2014: Pantry Project Reveal

Mr. MT Nest’s visit to the local cabinet maker didn’t provide an answer to our drawer installation dilemma. So we went “back to the drawing board” so to speak. We came up with a solution and it’s working great! We installed two boards, one on each side of each drawer, perpendicular to the shelf to serve as vertical “walls” to which the drawer glides can be attached. This configuration works with glides we were able to pick up at Lowe’s.


cropped drawer sharp

Here are the final results of our pantry makeover:



I ordered three vintage printer’s drawer pulls and we installed them on the drawers. I just love the way they give the pantry a bit of character and they bear a family name, “Hamilton,” as well.


In addition to the drawers, we added additional storage. On our last visit to IKEA in Charlotte, NC we purchased stainless shelf brackets and three unfinished wood spice racks. I stained the spice racks using the same stain I used on the deep shelving and drawers, and we mounted them on the wall to the left of the door to the pantry.


We installed three narrow shelves above the pantry door, the window, and on the wall opposite the deep shelves using the stainless IKEA shelf brackets. I added molding on the front of the shelves to finish off the look and, since the molding is a little wider than the thickness of the shelves themselves, it provides a bit of a lip to prevent things from sliding off the shelves. I am storing items I don’t use on a daily basis like jars of home-canned items, home-made jams (in the baskets) and, extra boxes of cereal, and paper products on these high shelves.

20150902_075513Shelf above the window

20150902_080305Shelf above the pantry door

20150902_080418Shelf on wall opposite the deep shelves

On the wall under this shelf, I installed a plastic bag holder, and my iron caddy. M y iron and ironing board are stored here for convenient access.


Mr. MT Nest also added another (even narrower) shelf above the deep shelves on the sloped portion of the wall. Because of the slope of the wall and the narrowness of the shelf, I am limited in what can be stored here, but every little bit of storage space helps.


I now absolutely L.O.V.E. my pantry! I smile every time I need to retrieve a pantry item. What was once the ugliest of ducklings has been transformed into a beautiful swan of a functional space that makes efficient use of the available space.


pantry 1



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