June 4, 2014: Paving the Driveway

Shortly after we arrived last spring, we realized that we needed to prioritize improving our driveway. The spring showers helped us come to this realization. The driveway was a muddy mess for days at a time. Sometimes it was so muddy that we couldn’t actually pull into the driveway without spinning the tires and digging up the mud even more, so we’d leave the car parked on the road below and the road was in only slightly better shape than the driveway.

Our home is located about a quarter mile off a two-lane county road. Between the road and our home there are six other homes, all along a private road that comes off of the county road, crosses Bolens Creek and winds up the mountain. Years ago, Mr. MT Nest’s step-grandfather, who lived in one of those homes on the lower part of the mountain, had the road paved. The paved portion stopped below our house. At the time, our home was a construction site anyway.

We began collecting estimates for paving our driveway and the road from where the previous paving ended up to our house in April. And then, once we identified the paving contractor we’d use, we waited for the chosen contractor to work us into the paving schedule. Finally, yesterday was the day! Hurray!

Paving 1bPaving 2bPaving preparations on the road below our front deck. Paving preparations                    on the road below our front bank.

Paving 3b

They started paving the driveway first. Notice the young paving supervisor they brought with them. He sat on the decorative rock in the yard and watched.

Paving 4bPaving the road.

Paving 5b

Paving 6b

The final result! We drove on it today for the first time. What a delight it will be in wet weather!

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