July 8, 2014: Master Bathroom Walls

Finding the right stain to create my faux weathered wood treatment was quite a mission! At the retailers in this area, at first I didn’t find interior stains that mimic weathered wood. I found some colors online, but they weren’t available locally. I experimented with using paints, but wasn’t satisfied with any of the looks I was able to achieve. I finally found two Rustoleum interior stains, Driftwood and Weathered Gray, on a trip to a different Lowe’s store than the one where we usually shop. Driftwood is light and kind of taupe/beige and Weathered Gray is a darkish gray. Our bathroom is a bit on the dark side, so the Weathered Gray alone would be too dark. But combining the two achieved a satisfactory look.

Since I was applying the stain to vertical surfaces, I was concerned with the potential problem of dripping. So I decided to use rags to apply the stain rather than a brush. I ended up using a combination of ragging and brushing to achieve the final look.

THE PROCESS: (Please forgive the poor quality photos due to the poor lighting. Some lighting was covered and some was removed. I was using a construction light.)


wall1 back wall (doorway to storage closet)

wall2 walls above shower

wall3 wall behind toilet


I first rubbed Driftwood stain onto an area.

Driftwood Stain Application

Then I used a brush in the same area to apply Weathered Gray stain to the joints between planks and any knot holes or other imperfections .

Staining Step 2

After a few minutes, I used rags to wipe off the excess Weathered Gray stain.

Staining Step 3

Finally, I used a dry brush technique to apply Weathered Gray to create more grain.

Staining Step 4

The quality of these “before” and “during isn’t very good. Since we haven’t finished installing lighting in the bathroom, the lighting isn’t very good. Also the photos were taken with a cell phone. I want get a DSLR camera and learn how to take better photos, but right now my time and budget are focused on the things we need to do in this house.


After Wall 1 back wall

wall2 after shower walls

wall3 after wall behind toilet

After I finished all the staining, Mr. MT Nest added trim molding between the wood and drywall and we coated all the wood with a satin finish water-based polyurethane.

I am pleased with the change that this faux treatment has made. We still have a lot of work to do in here…installing the doors, adding lighting, and installing a glass shower door. I also have more staining to complete. There are built-in shelves on the back side of the shower wall facing the side of the toilet. I want to stain those shelves and perhaps add some cabinet doors to make the shelves look more like a piece of furniture.

There are two storage areas off of the bathroom. One is behind the bathroom. Access is through the doorway seen in the back wall photos. The other one is an area accessed through an opening in the outer wall of the dome. Mr. MT Nest is planning to add insulation and wood to the walls of the latter of these storage areas and shelving in the back storage room.

All of those projects will have to wait for a few weeks. I am leaving for a week in Florida with both of my daughters and my grandchildren. We’ll be shopping for the younger daughter’s bridal gown and for dresses for the matron of honor, bridesmaids. junior bridesmaid, and flower girl. Fun!!!

And, a couple of days after I return from Florida, Mr. MT Nest and I are off to Alaska on a 3 week dream vacation! Exciting!!! We’ll resume the master bathroom project after we return from our Alaska adventures.

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