September 18, 2014: Progress on the Master Bathroom

Lots of progress has been made on the master bathroom. We’ll start showering in there in the next few days. That’s a major milestone for us! Hurray!

Mr. MT Nest has worked on the two storage areas off the bathroom and added insulation and planks on the walls. He also created shelving in the storage room and has organized the tools and other items stored there. We’ve filled up the other storage area also. He installed the entry and storage room doors that I sanded and stained, finished all the trim work in the bathroom, and installed the lighting.

I stained the built-in shelving and we added legs to give it the appearance of furniture. We’re going to order cabinet doors to complete the project, but that will take a few weeks.


shelves 1Step One: Tape off and apply walnut stain to shelving.

shelves 2shelves 3Step Two: Re-tape and stain back wall.

shelves 4

shelves 5

After Staining:

shelves 6

Over the past two days we gave the entire room a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Now that the tile and grout have been thoroughly cleaned and all the construction dust and grime removed from the room, Mr. MT Nest will apply sealer to the grout.

We are waiting for  an estimate on the glass shower door. The glass specialist was here to measure everything earlier today. It will take 2-3 weeks after we place the order before the glass door is installed. In the meantime, I hung an inexpensive plastic shower in the interim.

I need to add accessories. We need hooks for towels, and other accessories.

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