October 2014: Be Still My Heart!

I am so blessed. This post is about four of my greatest blessings, but mostly it is about three precious blessings. Just look at these three beautiful faces!

Oct. 1

Now that we’re living in North Carolina, we’reable to seeand spend time with them weekly. It’s one of the very best things about our move.

Oct. 2

What a beauty inside and out is our eldest granddaughter, “Wildflower.” Sweet, smart, and a wonderful big sister to her younger siblings.

Oct. 3

Look at this little stinker! Guess no one told our Little Man that a one-year-old isn’t supposed to be able to open doors.

Oct. 4

This is our “Bluebird” and her mama who enjoy hanging out together. Bluebird is funny, loving, and helps take care of her little brother. And her beautiful Mama, my eldest daughter, is sweet, talented, smart, and one great little mother! Grandchildren are a great blessing and seeing my grandchildren being raised by such a wonderful mama makes me so very proud.

Oct. 5Halloween 2014: A cat, a “mad” scientist, and Harold and his purple crayon

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