December 2014: Special Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our Christmas tree this year is decorated with special ornaments that have been collected over many years. Decorating the tree this year was a totally nostalgic experience.

Tree 1

The topper is new this year, faux poinsettia blooms that came from Lowes:

Tree 2

My son made this nativity ornament in Sunday school when he was 5 years old. I treasure it.

Tree 3

My eldest daughter made this one in preschool:

Tree 4

This one was made by a former neighbor, an art teacher, from a walnut shell and tulle. It was used as an embellishment on a baby gift when my youngest child was born.

Tree 5

This one was made by my youngest when she was in preschool:

Tree 6

My sister-in-law made this stained glass ornament:

Tree 7

Other ornaments on this year’s tree were made by my grandchildren or that contain photos of them. There are some very old ornaments that were on my childhood Christmas trees. My mother purchased ornaments when she had her first job working in Miller and Rhoads Department store in Richmond, Virginia when she was a teenager more than 70 years ago and I have some of those ornaments that have survived all these years on my tree.

There are also some ornaments that were purchased for two of my children each year. I always tried to select an ornament for each child that related to their interests at that time. I gave those ornaments that were purchased for my elder daughter to her after she was married. And I’ll give the younger daughter hers soon. She’s getting married in May 2015. But for this year, those are on our tree too.

Decorating the tree this year was like rereading the history book of our family. Do you have special ornaments like these on your Christmas tree?

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