April 2, 2015: Mossy Initial Wreaths

IW 7My sweet Brown-Eyed Girl is getting married in one month! All the big wedding planning decisions have been made but there are lots of small details that still need to be taken care of. I will be heading down to Florida the middle of the month to be available to help with all the last minute details. One of my projects before I leave was to make initial wreaths that will be part of the wedding décor. They’ll hang on the doors to the church and then we’ll use them at the reception.

Materials used: Paper Mache Initials, green acrylic craft paint, self-adhesive moss sheets, green moss shreds, glue, paint brush, scissors, 3 inch wide stiff satin finish ribbon (ivory), hot glue gun, needle and ivory thread

IW 1

IW 2

Paint the back side of each initial green.

IW 3

IW 5

Paint the edges of the front side of each initial.

IW 4

Lay each initial on the sheets of the self-stick moss (front of the letter to the paper backing side of the sheet moss). Trace the outline of the initial. This green edge is in case of gaps between the moss on the sides and front of the initial.

IW 6

Cut out the pieces of sheet moss. Peel the backing and stick to the right side of the letter. Patch any bare spots by gluing mossy shreds to the bare spaces.

IW 7IW 8

IW 9

I will add ribbon and a bow later. Since I’ll be transporting these, I will wait until I am in Florida to add the bows. I don’t want the bows to be damaged in transit.



I hot-glued a long ribbon loop to the back of each letter and attached the bow to the middle of the loop with a needle and thread, basting it onto the ribbon loop.

Here’s the way the wreaths looked at the wedding…



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