June 5, 2015: Catching Up!

Well, I have been absent from posting for a while!  We got the house to a point that it’s comfortable and then we kind of took a break from all the projects starting last fall. We were also helping our daughter plan her May wedding, so time and funds were allocated to that purpose instead of to the house.

We did a bit of traveling last fall, starting with a Labor Day weekend trip to Louisville, Kentucky for a football game, some sightseeing, and a quick visit with one of my husband’s best childhood friends.

We’re big fans University of Miami Hurricane fans (my alma mater), and Florida State University (Mr. MT Nest is an FSU alum). College football has been a shared passion for our entire marriage. We cheer for both teams except when they play each other. Then we have to take sides. When we lived in south Florida we had season tickets for Hurricane home games every year since before we were married. We do miss attending the home games now that we’re living in North Carolina. But, as Mr. MT Nest says, “We live in the middle of ACC territory.” So, in our retirement plan, fall football trips are to be a yearly ritual. We plan to attend some of the away games for each of our favorite teams each fall.

Maybe we should purchase a banner like this one to fly during football season…

House Divided 1

Or perhaps this rug

House Divided 2

Anyway, a love of football is one interest we share and football is one of the things I love about fall!

Early last October we headed down to Alabama to visit my 91 year-old Aunt Joyce,my only  living relative on my mother’s side of the family. When she was younger Aunt Joyce was a feisty redhead full of spunk and personality. She’s not a redhead any longer, but she’s still pretty spunky.


A couple of weeks later, at the end of October, we met Mr. MT Nest’s sister in Greensboro, NC for a Paul McCartney concert before heading south for more football. We spent the first two weeks of November visiting with our daughter in Orlando and my brother and some friends in south Florida, sandwiched between two University of Miami home football games. After returning to the mountains we took one more fall trip, to Charlottesville, VA for another football game (and a bit of sight-seeing.)

It’s also part of our retirement plan to spend the two coldest months of winter in a warmer location (snow birds) each year. We spent last January and February in a beach condominium in St. Augustine, FL. Our location was only one and a half hours from the soon-to-be bride, so I was able to make myself available to assist with wedding plans while we were in St. Augustine. The bridal shower took place at the end of February just when we were checking out of the condominium.

After our time in St. Augustine, we once again spent a week in south Florida, a few days in Orlando, and a few days in Charleston, SC, where we enjoyed sightseeing and a Carlos Santana concert before heading back home in plenty of time to host a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party.

Santana b
During the April, Mr. MT Nest devoted considerable effort to clearing brush from the adjoining lot that we purchased last summer. We have some (future) plans for this part of the property: a picnic area, a play area for the grandchildren, and perhaps a storage/utility building.

The first step toward realization of these plans is to tame the foliage. So hubby went to work with his machete, a chain saw, and some brush-killing herbicide. He removed some small trees. Later we’ll hire someone to take down some of the bigger trees to clear a spot for the picnic area and storage building.

LotOf course this past spring I was pretty much focused on wedding plans. It was only a little more than a month between the time we arrived back home  and when I left to go back to Florida for the final pre-wedding push.

That catches you up on where we’ve been and why I haven’t posted for a while. Now that we’re home and the wedding is behind us, we’ll be getting into a few house projects and I will be posting about them.

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