July 7, 2015: The Wedding and The Patio

I drove down to Florida in April, two and a half weeks before our baby girl’s wedding, to help with all the last-minute wedding details. Mr. MT Nest flew down to join me a week before the wedding. The wedding took place on May 2nd. It was a truly magical day and a beautiful, very special, memorable event.

Bride and groomVine and Light Photography

Hubby and I drove home from Florida a couple of days after the wedding, still basking in pleasant memories of the beautiful, momentous day when our baby married her true love.

As soon as we were settled back in at home, we began doing the ground work for our next major home improvement, the addition of a stone patio and a walkway joining the patio to the front walkway, running along the edge of the front bank the front of our largest deck. It took us a while to make a decision about the stone, the method of installation, and which contractor to use. Once the decision was made, we were added to the contractor’s schedule and waited for the work to get started. The patio was finished by mid-June. There was no way that we could have done this work ourselves, as it required moving the huge, heavy stones by hand from the driveway area where they were delivered around the large front to this side. We had to contract out the work. It was a pretty big ticket item that took a large chunk out of our home improvement budget. But the next project, adding stone facing on the CBS block foundation walls, will be a DIY!



So looking forward to using the patio for future outdoor parties!

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