September 28, 2015: First Weekend of Fall

How was your weekend? Ours was wet! We’ve really needed rain as it was a very dry summer. But the timing of this wet weather was unfortunate. Our town’s annual Old Timey Days Festival was Saturday. And it literally rained. all. day! We avoided being outdoors as much as possible as it was a chilly day with a fine, steady, misting rain. Most everyone else in town stayed inside as well. So disappointing I’m sure for all the people who worked so hard to put together all the Old Timey Days events.



On Friday evening we attended our local Empty Bowls soup supper held in the social hall of a local church to benefit the community garden program, Dig In. The Dig In community garden project provides fresh vegetables to needy families and the elderly in conjunction with local feeding programs. In our county it is estimated that 17% of people are food insecure.

The event was a great success with more than 300 people attending. The admission charge included all the soup, bread, and dessert you could eat and a ceramic soup bowl of your choice made and donated by one of the many local potters. The soups were donated by local restaurants. Local musicians provided entertainment. We enjoyed the evening and felt great to know that it benefited a valuable community resource. It was so uplifting to see how many people donated their time, talents, and other items for this worthy cause.

EB 4

Here are our soup bowls from Friday’s dinner.


Our closest neighbors are a mixed group of year-round and seasonal/vacation residents. We planned to host a neighborhood get-together Saturday before some of the seasonal people leave. We had intended to have an outdoor party on the patio and deck, but with the cool and rainy weather, it had to be moved indoors.

chili table

I made a big pot of chili and served it with Mexican cornbread, and a green salad. Dessert was warm peach dumplings with vanilla ice cream.

 Chili 1

chili 3

I used Paula Deen’s Layered Mexican Cornbread recipe. In addition to the diced jalapeno peppers called for in the recipe, I added a diced red bell pepper.

However, the biggest change I made to the recipe was actually an accident. The recipe calls for layering the batter with grated cheddar cheese and chopped peppers in between the layers. As soon as I poured the top layer of the cornbread batter into the pan, I realized that I had forgotten to add the baking powder to the batter. No baking powder was going to mean a certain cornbread fail, so I dumped the whole thing back into the mixing bowl, added the baking powder and blended. Of course this destroyed the layers by distributing the peppers and cheddar cheese throughout the batter. The result was   great and the cornbread was a big hit with our guests.


Sunday was a lazy day for us. After church we just hung close to home reading and watching a bit of football on television. We just didn’t feel like doing much else with the rainy weather. The weatherman is predicting that this will be a rainy week. That’s good news for our rain deficit, but it may interfere with some outdoor plans.

What was your weekend like? What do you like to do and eat in rainy weather?

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