Fall Wreaths

I love a beautiful seasonal wreath hanging on the entry door. It’s so welcoming and helps unify the interior and exterior seasonal décor. But I’d never made my own wreath before. The closest I’d come to making a seasonal wreath was to add a bow to a plain wreath.

1 w

At the end of the fall season last year I decided to donate the faux autumn leaf wreaths that I’ve used for several years now. I was ready for a change. I guess I was also ready to get my craft on and make some wreaths to hang on the French doors. So many of the bloggers I follow make wreaths all the time. So I thought I would give it a try.

2 wMaterials used: 2 Grapevine wreaths, 1 roll of 3-inch wired burlap ribbon, 1 Autumn Floral Spray, 3 bunches feather sprays (1 each in russet, wheat, and olive green), green floral wire, scissors, wire cutters
I purchased the wreaths, ribbon, and floral sprays at A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts. Everything was on sale and cost a total of $25 for all the supplies to make a pair of wreaths.

First I made two bows following the steps in a tutorial, How to Make a Perfect Bow, by Ann of On Sutton Place.

3 w

4 w

I attached each bow to one of the grapevine wreaths using floral wire and trimmed the extra wire with the wire cutters.

5 w

Next I separated all the elements in the floral sprays into individual stems using the scissors and wire cutters. I separated these into two approximately equal groups (1 for each wreath.) For the feather sprays, I divided each spray into four approximately equal sections and combined one section of each color together. For each wreath I stuck approximately half the stems of one group and one of the combined sections of the feathers on the top of the bow and the rest below the bow.


Wreath Collage w

I’m pleased with how my first attempt at making wreaths turned out and it will definitely not be my last attempt.

A w

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