Seasonal Refresh- Fall Pillows


I’ve been busy this week with several sewing projects, one of which I am sharing today. After adding touches of fall in the main living area, I was feeling that the pillows on the sofa were looking a bit too summery. I had some perfect fabrics in my stash, a striped linen-like piece in shades of rust, green, and beige, and a coordinating floral print. When I purchased these two fabrics I had in mind using the stripe on one side and the floral on the other side of the pillow  covers. But, when I cut out the first piece of the stripe, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I played around with the fabrics and had an idea to use the striped fabric in a slightly different way, creating a pattern of concentric squares with the striped fabric. It was a little bit more challenging to put this together but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Collage 1 to 4

1. First I made a triangle pattern, I made a 20″ x 20″ square and marked it diagonally into four identical triangles. Then I cut along these diagonal lines. One of the triangles was my pattern. I cut four fabric triangles for each pillow, making sure that the stripes matched up exactly.
2. I pinned one side of two triangles together matching the stripe pattern. I did the same thing with the other two triangles.
3. Then I baste stitched along the side that was pinned.
4. Next I machine stitched and removed the basting stitches.

Collage 5 to 8

5. I checked each larger triangle created by a set of two triangles stitched together to make certain that the stripes were aligned properly.
6. I pressed open the seams. Next I pinned the two larger triangles together, again aligning the stripes and baste stitched the seam.
7. I machine stitched the seam, removed the basting, and pressed all the seams open.
8. The four pieced-together striped triangles created concentric squares. This piece was used as the front side of the one pillow cover. A square of the same size was cut from the floral fabric and used as the back side of the pillow cover.

collage 9 10

9. Before stitching the sides of the pillow cover together, I installed an invisible zipper along what would become the bottom of the pillow cover. I made sure that the floral print was aligned so the flowers were right side up. (Here’s a tutorial video on installing an invisible zipper.)
10. After installing the zipper and stitching the rest of the bottom seam on each side of the zipper, I stitched the other three sides together, making sure that the right sides of the fabric were together and that the zipper was unzipped. (Having the zipper unzipped is critical so that the pillow cover can be turned right side out after stitching the other three sides.)


Sewing a pillow cover is pretty easy. All the stitching  straight line stitching. Pillow covers can also be made with an envelope back opening instead of installing a zipper.

The most difficult part of this project was laying out and cutting the triangle pieces so that the stripes matched up.

I also made a seasonal lumbar pillow (seen below center) from a seasonal placemat. Soon I plan to make two coordinating plaid pillow covers to replace the green ones shown below. I’ll share about those in another post.


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