Pantry Organization 2.0


Collage w2

About 18 months ago Mr. MT Nest and I completely renovated the pantry. You can read about that renovation here. I absolutely LOVE my pantry. It was customized to maximize storage and organization in a very small space. I am proud of the quality of the work and all the special features we included. But once I loaded everything into the pantry, there was one corner that I wasn’t proud of. In that corner were some of my large baking pans and a stack of items that don’t fit in my kitchen cupboards or on the pantry shelves.

I have known for a while that I wanted some kind of table or shelf that would fit the space and hold the items that have been stacked in that corner for more than a year. But it was one of those improvements that somehow just never happened. Until now!

Last week I was in the T.J. Maxx/Home Goods store in Asheville and came upon what I thought might just be the perfect solution! I whipped my little tape measure out of my purse and took down the dimensions of the piece. I wanted to be sure it would fit the space and that the distance between the shelves would work for the items I need to store.

Today I was back in Asheville and picked it up. It’s a table/shelving unit and has faux wheels so it looks like a cart. It works perfectly in the space and I am soooooo happy to get things off of the floor and organized like the rest of the pantry has been all along!

Collage w2

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