Master Bedroom Refresh

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Our master bedroom has needed a refresh for a while now. But there was always some other priority, so I kept procrastinating. I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes with a room that needs something. You know you need to do something, but just keep putting it off, until one day you just can’t stand it any longer. I actually started looking for bedding months ago, and when I had the opportunity to order my selection from Pottery Barn on sale in late September, I jumped on it.

We have a king bed with king pillows. I ordered a king duvet and a twin duvet. I did not order king shams. I decided to make my own shams so I could add interfacing in the border to give it more body. When I see photos of bedding online and in catalogs, the border portion of the shams always seems to be stiffer than what I’ve experienced. I have been quite displeased with how limp ours have been (see photo below.)

2 20151025_100951cw

I considered starching the shams, but really didn’t think I could use enough starch to make a significant improvement as the fabric is really soft. I was afraid that the shams matching the new duvet would have this same characteristic. Plus, purchasing two king shams would have cost more than buying the one twin duvet. So, I pulled all the seams out of the twin duvet and used the fabric to make two king shams. I reinforced the border area of each sham with stiff interfacing.


3 20151023_141309ew

The duvet and shams both reverse to an Ikat pattern in merlot and gray. The opening in each sham is along the bottom and closes with three hidden buttons.

I’m not finished with the bedroom refresh, but I think the changes are already a big improvement. The colors in the new bedding are more appropriate for fall and the shams look better than the limp ones of the summery bedding. Before I use the lighter color bedding again, I will pull the shams apart and reinforce the border section with interfacing.

4 Before After Collage 2 w

Am I the only one who has experienced this problem with limp pillow shams? If not, how did you solve it?

Stay tuned for future posts that will highlight other changes coming soon to the master bedroom.

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2 Responses to Master Bedroom Refresh

  1. Skye says:

    Loooove the addition of the blue velvet pillow!


  2. I have always found this to be a problem but never could quite find the solution for it.


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