Thanksgiving Vignette


Today was a “ping-pong day.” I kind of bounced from one project to another in the house. After two weeks living out of a suitcase, I needed to unpack and get back to normal but I found myself kind of bouncing around the house, doing a little bit in each room. No major accomplishments, but I got started on a few things that I hope to finish before Thanksgiving. I am SO looking forward to Thanksgiving. Our Brown-eyed Girl and her new hubby are coming up from Florida for the long weekend. So both our girls and their families will be here! This week I am in full planning mode.

I set up a fun little Thanksgiving vignette today. Many years ago when my kids were little, I participated in a weekly craft class at a small craft and gift shop, Mommy’s night out. The Pilgrim couple and Native American girl in this vignette were projects from that class. They’re made from paper and wood.

woman wThe Pilgrim girl holds a bouquet of dried flowers and a basket carrying a tiny pie. After all these years, the handle of her basket had become brittle and so I had to replace it today. I made a new one by braiding jute twine and attached to the basket with a couple of drops of hot glue.

man w

The Pilgrim man is holding a pumpkin and wearing a black felt hat.


The Native American girl has dark braids and holds a basket of vegetables.

I made the framed quote a couple of years ago. I love this message. It reminds us that we receive an outpouring of blessings every day, that we can count on this fact, and that we should always take time to be grateful. My family is my greatest blessing and since we will all be together this year on Thanksgiving, I am truly thankful!

What blessings are you grateful for today?

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