Repurposed Wreaths


I’ve been M.I.A. the past couple of weeks. When I last posted I was away from home on my unexpected trip. After returning from that trip, I had lots of Christmas preparations to catch up on. Throughout the fall, I had envisioned my holiday decorating, baking, etc. , making mental plans and collecting ideas. But, when I returned from the trip, I was way behind on implementing those plans. So catching up became my top priority. I have been so busy living that I haven’t written about it. Not very good for a blogger. But, I’m still new to blogging and learning how to balance living a life with sharing aspects of that life.  So, this post and a couple of others are late, but here goes.

One of my first Christmas decorating projects was to re-purpose the fall wreaths on our front deck French doors. Here’s how they looked throughout the fall.

A w

I removed the bows and all the fall embellishments. and replaced them with faux evergreen sprigs and pine cones. Then I sprayed everything with faux snow and added red ribbons and red berries. Simple and done in less than an hour.



These two $2.99 grapevine wreaths have gotten some pretty good mileage. And I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth. The fall versions cost a total of $25 for everything I used to create both wreaths. For the Christmas version, I used three yards of ribbon off of a large roll I purchased for $7.00 and a can of faux snow that cost $1.99. The rest of the supplies that were used were materials that I already had on hand. So these wreaths cost about $3.00 for the two. That’s the kind of craft project I love!

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