St. Augustine: A Walk on the Beach

dunes and ocean 2w title

Each winter Mr. MT Nest and I escape the colder temperatures and intermittent ice and snow in the NC mountains during January and February by traveling to warmer destinations. This year we returned for the third time to Anastasia Island, St. Augustine, Florida. We arrived on New Year’s Day, traveling north from south Florida where we spent New Year’s Eve with longtime friends. It was raining when we arrived and settled into our rental condo. And rainy, very windy weather continued for a week after our arrival. That weather pattern prevented me from engaging in one of my favorite activities here, walking on the beach. So, Saturday morning, when the weather finally turned sunny, less windy,  and warmer, I hit the beach!

dunes and ocean south 1cw

Mr. MT Nest joined me on the walk. It was still coolish and breezy, and the beach was sparsely populated, but our walk was delightful. There is just something magical about sand and ocean that soothes my soul!

beach south 1w

shore birds 2w

complex 3w

The condominium development is separated from the beach by dunes and a natural wildlife habitat. A boardwalk connects the beach and the condo facility.

walkway 4w

On our way out to walk on the beach, we stopped for a while to observe a tortoise nest that is visible from the boardwalk. I’ve named the tortoise that I often see basking in the sun just outside the nest. I call him Donatello. I look forward to seeing him again each year.

tortoise Collage w

What a blessing to be able to enjoy a walk on St. Augustine Beach again this winter!

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