A Beginning

DSC_0024ew titleOne of our Home Improvement Goals for 2016 is to create a sheltered picnic area on the lower portion of our property. We also plan to install a storage building in the same area. This week we took the first major step toward completion of this project. Clearing sufficient space for the picnic shelter and storage building installations necessitates removing some very tall trees. Here’s what the area looked like last summer.

13. picnic areaLast week we walked the property and identified which trees needed to go. Then Mr. MT Nest contacted several local tree service businesses to obtain quotes. We were quickly able to get four quotes and contracted with one of the businesses to do the job. They started the work on Monday evening. They come to our job AFTER they finish whatever other job they’re working on during the regular workday. They work each evening from around 5:30 until dusk.

I was amazed (and a little nervous) when I saw how they accomplish the work. One worker climbs quite high in the tree with a chain saw attached to his belt and a safety belt strapped around the tree. I could never in a million years climb the tree up so high, let alone use a chain saw up there and watching someone else do it was a bit scary at first. I was definitely praying for the workers’ safety the whole time I watched.


The tree climber/cutter is also attached to a system of ropes and is able to swing from tree to tree as he’s working.DSC_0018ewdone



On his way up the tree he cuts off most of the major branches from the trunk of tree.  Then he descends the tree partially and cuts a wedge out of one side of the trunk and then cuts through the other side until the top of the tree falls to the ground.


Sometimes a rope is attached to the upper part of the tree trunk and other workers on the ground pull on the ropes as the tree cutter cuts through the trunk. Usually, just before the top of the tree goes down, the tree cutter will swing to another tree and out of the way of the falling tree top.  The workers on the ground remove all the branches and haul them off to another area on the property where they’ll chip them up soon.


They also cut up the larger sections of tree trunk and eventually that will be hauled away to a local church that has a wood ministry. The ministry provides free wood for heating to those in need in the community.



Rainy weather impacted the planned work schedule, so the work isn’t finished yet. After all the designated trees have been topped, the workers will cut down the remaining tree trunks.  The whole job should be completed sometime next week.  And so we have a project beginning. I’m already dreaming of family picnics and grandchildren playing. 🙂


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