A Blog Milestone

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In August 2015 I started this blog. I began by uploading some posts that I had written over the previous 18 months before actually setting up the blog online. Initially only family members viewed the blog entries. Although I had been thinking about blogging for several years, it still took me time to build the confidence to share. Eventually things changed and my blogging confidence built. In the 7 months since I started the blog, I’ve added 100 posts. As of Tuesday, Our MT Nest has been visited more than 2000 times, and more than 4000 views. Each month the blog statistics are increasing. A big thank you to everyone who visits Our MT Nest! I am truly grateful for your visits, likes, and your comments.

I am still a blogging novice and still have much to learn about blogging. In the meantime, I truly appreciate your patience and support.


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2 Responses to A Blog Milestone

  1. Linda Miller says:

    Just recently found your blog, my friend. Wishing you continued success.


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