Hurry Up and Wait…Progress Update

Sometimes progress comes much more slowly than we want. This is true of our big summer project, the storage building and picnic area on the lower part of our lot. There are many stages to this project that are dependent upon local contractors we’re hiring. So we’ve been at the mercy of their schedules. Each step has involved weeks of waiting and then a day or two of work. We’re currently back in  the waiting mode once again.  Anyway, I thought I’d post an update on the project.

This is what the lot looked like before any work was done.

20150928_084612ew labeled

Then, in March we had some trees removed. I posted about that process here.

20160402_095626ew labeled

In May, things were much greener. We had the tree stumps removed and level areas were created for the planned storage building and picnic areas.

May 2016 ew labeledMay 2016 2 ew labeled

May 2016 3 ew labeled

Mr. MT Nest went to work spreading straw and grass seed on the new banks to prevent erosion. He also collected rocks and built a rustic rock wall along the pathway from the driveway to the picnic area.

DSC_0579ew labeled

The contractors who will be pouring our slab for the storage building came and put up the framing.

June 2016 2 ew labeled

This is where the work stands now. We’re waiting for additional work on the picnic area and digging to bury drainage pipes. Then the concrete slabs for the building and picnic areas will be poured and we’ll be able to continue the work on the landscape.

DSC_0585ew labeledWait, wait, wait! Hurry up and wait. It’s a holding pattern for now.

Signature 2



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2 Responses to Hurry Up and Wait…Progress Update

  1. Linda says:

    Do you have an ETA? I am lacking in the patience department when it comes to home projects. I’m sure it will be wonderful when completed. Hopefully, that will happen before winter arrives.


    • carolyn says:

      No ETA at the present. Around here there’s really nothing that you can do except wait. Even when the contractor gives you a day and time that he’ll be there, it often doesn’t happen on that schedule. So I am kind of afraid to put a date on the finish. It’s just so disappointing to count on a certain date and not make it. I’ve decided to just hope that I can host a party before the cold weather sets in.


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