Let Freedom Ring!

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Happy Fourth of July! God Bless America! However you celebrate Independence Day, take a moment to give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy in the United States and for those who have worked, fought and died to protect our freedoms.

My sweet granddaughter remarked this weekend, “You decorate for lots of holidays, don’t you?” She’s right. I do try to incorporate seasonal touches without going overboard with holiday specific decor. From Memorial Day to the Fourth of July, I enjoy incorporating touches of the red, white, and blue into our interior and exterior decor.

DSC_0511ecwI love decorating with live flowers. When I lived in South Florida, a visit to a local florist/flower market was part of my regular Saturday routine and I enjoyed incorporating seasonal flowers into my decor throughout our home. While I no longer have access to that type of flower market, I still like to incorporate flowers from the grocery store and various local farmers markets as often as possible. For the past few weeks our dining room has been showcasing red, white, and blue decor, including the floral centerpiece created in my Magnolia Market purchase (reclaimed wood tray and glass bottles).

DSC_0649ecw DSC_0655ew DSC_0657ew DSC_0658ewAfter July 4th, my decor will transition somewhat to other summery looks. I’ll be sharing those soon. Stay tuned.

Do you decorate with touches of red, white, and blue around the patriotic summer holidays, too? Do you showcase  seasonal holidays in your home decor?

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