Exterior Lights Upgrade

DSC_0694 title2We have needed to replace the exterior lights on the front deck which is the entrance we most frequently use for more than a year and this week it finally happened. When we replaced the exterior siding and decks about five years ago, we installed these exterior lights. We chose these lights primarily because they protruded less than any other style we could find at the time. The french doors swing open all the way against the walls and so we didn’t want to have them crash into the light.


But we began to doubt our choice of light fixtures almost immediately. They were open on the bottom, which meant that moths and  bugs would flock to the lights and become trapped inside. They also were difficult to keep clean inside becaue of the opening.

DSC_0672ecwAnd, worst of all, the frosted surface was plastic not glass, and quickly became brittle leading to cracks caused by temperature fluctuations. If I tried to clean the plastic or the light, it fractured. In the picture of the french doors above, it is obvious that the light to the right of the french doors has a chunk missing and when Mr. MT Nest began taking it down, it disintegrated even further.


Because the old fixtures were in such bad shape, for the past few months I have been looking for new lights, looking for lights that would minimize the amount of protrusion and lights in a “closed system” style also that would reduce the amount of dirt and bugs getting inside the fixture. Mr. MT Nest and I finally agreed on this industrial style light fixture with bubbled glass and a vintage style light bulb from Lowe’s.


Like many projects that you expect to be simple and quick, when my handy hubby removed the old fixtures and began installation of the new ones, he encountered a bump in the road and the project became much more of a challenge than expected.

DSC_0674ecwThe opening in the siding where the fixture was to be installed was, of course, (Murphy’s Law) where two rows of the shingled siding overlapped. So, when installed, the upper part of the the round base of the new fixtures would be flush with the siding, but there would be a gap at the bottom.

DSC_0673eccwNo big deal…Mr. MT Nest would just cut one of the leftover shingles in the shape of a rectangular U to fill in the gap. However, cutting out the inner portion of the U-shape turned out to be much more difficult than expected.  The hardy board shingles kept shattering. Of course, if you have the right tool, any job is easy. So, after a few other attempts, he dragged the table saw out from it’s storage spot and was finally successful in cutting the pieces needed. By then a storm had moved in so he had to pack up his tools quickly and wait till the next day to finish the job. A little primer, paint, and his air-pressured nailer and the surface was ready for light fixtures.

DSC_0697ecw DSC_0698ewI am so lucky to be married to such a handy guy. I am loving the look of our new front deck exterior light fixtures!

DSC_0695ecw DSC_0693ecw

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2 Responses to Exterior Lights Upgrade

  1. Linda says:

    Love the new lights and Mr MTNest was very resourceful with the installation.


    • carolyn says:

      Thanks, Linda. They are such an improvement over the disgraceful ones we had been living with. I am so glad I married a guy who can work with tools!


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