Our Blessed Life: Fall’s Golden Splendor

dsc_0730ew-titleAmong the group of bloggers that I have followed for several years, quite a few say that fall is their favorite season. While I can’t choose a favorite season because each season has its special and unique appeal, I most certainly do love fall. Having lived most of my life in south Florida, where evidence of seasonal change is nearly non-existent, I am acutely tuned in to the autumnal changes here in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.

It is a very special blessing to live in this beautiful area. Each time I step out of my door, I am treated to this view from our front deck.

dsc_0797eclwAhhhh! Such a serene and magnificent panorama. On a recent morning, the fog that was nestled into the valley created an ethereal scene.

dsc_0725ewfOn another morning, standing by our mailbox, I saw this lovely view looking up our road.

20161026_154327ewAfter months of the bright greens and colorful blooms of summer, the warm colors of changing leaves are a lovely transformation.

I feel a sense of urgency to soak up this fleeting beauty while it lasts. Mr. MT Nest and I take enjoy taking drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway and winding mountain roads to absorb nature’s autumn splendor. Last week we took several of these drives…photo safaris,  as he calls such excursions.



dsc_0750ewSome friends from Florida recently visited with us for a few days of leaf-peeping. We enjoyed catching up with these very dear longtime friends and sharing fall experiences in our amazing area.



dsc_ewBeholding so many glorious fall views is. for me, a religious experience, witnessing God’s awe-inspiring handiwork. This quote by novelist, Lee Maynard, perfectly expresses my thoughts.

“I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.”

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1 Response to Our Blessed Life: Fall’s Golden Splendor

  1. Linda miller says:

    I love autumn’s beauty, too. I think we South Floridians have a greater appreciation for God’s handiwork this time of year. Your photos are beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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