Celo Community Jack-o-lanterns

20161031_191216titleThis was our first Halloween spent in our little town. We were traveling each of the two previous years since we moved to North Carolina, so this was our first opportunity to experience Halloween done the Burnsville way. A friend mentioned that one of the small communities in our county, Celo,  annually creates a jack-o-lantern display on Halloween night. Celo is known as, among other things, a community with many artists and we were very curious about this interesting Halloween celebration.

20161031_185730ewAt dusk on Halloween evening we took a drive to Celo. We soon arrived at the bridge where more than 100 carved pumpkins were on display. The works of gourd art were sitting atop the concrete bridge barriers on both sides of the road. We parked the car and walked over the bridge, viewing the amazing display. I snapped some cell phone photos which I am sharing here.

picmonkey-collage-2What a talented community! And what a fun way to celebrate together!


As we were walking back to our car, we saw another, smaller display set up on the roadside near the bridge. What amazing artistry!

20161031_191007ew 20161031_191157ew 20161031_191216ew

We will definitely make a visit to the Celo Community Jack-o-lanterns part of our Halloween celebrations every year. I love learning more about the traditions of our area.

Signature 2






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