Summer Construction Project Update

dsc_0799ew-titleIt’s been a while since I posted an update on our BIG summer project…the one that began with tree removal in late March and progressed slowly throughout the spring and summer. This project was the biggest home improvement project we planned for 2016, the construction of a storage building/garage, and a picnic area. Well, after all these months, this is where the project stands currently.


This shows the picnic gazebo as seen from the path that leads to the picnic area.


This shot shows one of the rock walls Mr. M.T. Nest built this summer. All the rocks he used were gathered from various locations on our property. Gathering the rocks was a huge job for him and the teenage helper he hired. I think he did a super great job on the rock work! So proud of my man 🙂  Another of his rock walls is shown below.

dsc_0805ew dsc_0807ew

Here’s the picnic gazebo. This structure was a kit we purchased from Costco. The posts are cedar and the roofing is aluminum. Mr. M.T. Nest assembled it and some friends helped him with the final “barn-raising” of the structure.


The rock wall seen behind the gazebo was done by the backhoe operator who prepared the site and the pathway. That was a fascinating process to watch. It is amazing how the bucket arm on the backhoe is used like a somewhat clumsy hand to lift, move, and position these massive, heavy rocks.

The land slopes slightly so it will drain properly. This is why the concrete pads under the gazebo posts are at ground level in the back and about 6 inches tall in the front. We’re considering how we want to conceal that. It’ll be a project for next spring to complete and furnish the picnic area. But I am so happy that the structure is up and am looking forward to using it for lots of picnics next summer!


The view above shows the relative positions on our property of our house, the garage building, and the picnic area.

dsc_0812ewThe view above is looking down the path from the picnic area and the one below is the view from our front deck of the building and picnic area.

dsc_0799e2wWe still have work to do. We’re waiting for the electrician to complete electrical work in the picnic area. Inside the building, we need to cover the stud walls and add storage cabinets. But we are very happy with how far we’ve come. It took much longer than we’d hoped, but it was worth the wait because we’re very happy with the results.

Signature 2


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2 Responses to Summer Construction Project Update

  1. Linda miller says:

    Definitely worth the time and effort. It looks great. We love picnics. I’m sure you will get lots of use out of your new pavilion and storage building in your beautiful setting. Enjoy!


    • carolyn says:

      Hubby worked very hard this summer. I think he did a great job keeping a rustic natural feel but creating retaining walls that will prevent erosion of the banks. I wish the whole process had gone more quickly, but we were at the mercy of our sub-contractors’ schedules. Patience is a virtue I still need to work on. 🙄


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