Welcome Little One! and A Treasured Heirloom

ceI have Very Exciting News to share! We recently welcomed a brand new family member. Our newest precious grandson was born earlier this month. Of course, the entire family is over-the-moon in love with the adorable baby boy and we are so happy for his proud parents, Brown-eyed Girl and her Handsome Hubby.  We are truly blessed! Babies are such amazing miracles! (And, of course, so much work for the new parents.) Please send positive thoughts and affirmations to the new Mommy and Daddy during these joyous, but challenging first weeks.

Our family has a very special heirloom that has become part of welcoming each new baby into our family. When I was pregnant with my first child, my mother crocheted a beautiful soft white receiving blanket in which I wrapped my new baby boy on the day I brought him home from the hospital. (shown in this photo of me holding my firstborn from forty-six years ago.)

Because I didn’t know whether my new baby would be a boy or a girl (this was before the time that technology made such knowledge commonplace), the edge of the blanket was woven with a yellow ribbon.

This beautiful receiving blanket has been used to wrap every new baby in our family since then. I used the blanket again to wrap each of my two girls.(Sorry these old photos are such poor quality.. I hadn’t really thought about taking “glamour shots” showing the blanket-wrapped babies at the time.)

After using it for all three of my children, I carefully stored the blanket and passed it along to Sunshine before her first baby was born. She wrapped each of her three sweet babies, Wildflower, Bluebird, and Little Man to bring them home from the hospital.

For each new baby, we change the ribbon woven through the edge. Sunshine added a navy blue ribbon and passed the blanket along to her younger sister shortly before her due date. Following family tradition, Brown-eyed Girl wrapped our new Little Buddy to bring him home from the hospital.

When I first wrapped my boy in the blanket, I had no idea that this would become a tradition. But now that it has, I love that this special blanket which was created for my babies by their grandmother, my mother, has become an heirloom and that using it has become a family tradition that connects all our babies. I am very happy that I preserved and passed along the blanket to my children and that now my grand-babies, my children’s children, are part of this family tradition, a beautiful way we welcome our babies. Welcome to our family, Little Buddy.

What traditions does your family have for welcoming little ones? Does it involve a special item? Is there a special christening outfit. a blanket, a dish or spoon, or some other item that each new baby shares?








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4 Responses to Welcome Little One! and A Treasured Heirloom

  1. tsanta516 says:

    I made an heirloom batiste christening gown before my daughter was born. Both my daughter and son wore it as well as daughter’s 4 children. Her four have also used the blanket that my best friend from high school knitted for my daughter 29 years ago.


  2. Linda Miller says:

    Such a wonderful tradition and family heirloom. Congratulations again to all the family on this precious new addition. May his life be filled with many blessings and may you share in the joy of each and every day..❤️


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