Easy DIY Easter Decor and A Vignette

Do you love the Dollar Spot area at Target as much as I do? Each time I visit a Target, I make it a point to see what interesting seasonal treasures I can find in that area. On a recent trip, I came across a cute little masonite bunny and a few other spring-themed items. One of the flat sides of the bunny was scratched and the other side had a price sticker that was extremely difficult to remove. Once the sticker was removed, a stained area was left as a result of the price sticker glue.

I wasn’t concerned about the damage because I had a plan that would conceal the damage anyway.  All I needed was a paintbrush, some chalkboard paint, and a few minutes of work to transform the bunny. First, I placed painter’s tape around the edge to protect it.

I painted each flat side with the chalkboard paint and then set the bunny aside to dry.

It was dry in about 15 minutes. When it was completely dry, I removed the painter’s tape and added a seasonal message using a chalk marker.

Then I added the little bunny to my simple spring vignette.

Beautiful forsythia stalks in a tall vase, two ceramic bunnies, and a basket of colorful eggs combine to create a simple Easter-themed vignette.

I think this $3 bunny-turned-chalkboard-sign from Target adds just the right touch of holiday whimsy to this sweet spring vignette.

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