Fall Decor

My fall decor has usually involved infusing brilliant autumn shades of orange, gold, rust, and brown. This year I wanted to take a different approach and to highlight less traditional shades and more neutral colors. I also wanted to keep things simple.

To accomplish these goals, I used a dashes of blues mixed with some of the more muted traditional fall hues and minimal hints of brighter shades. I focused on infusing texture, lots of natural elements, and some warm touches to add some coziness to the environment.

Decorating for any season always seems to start with the pillow covers. They often set the tone for the color scheme. These pillows give just the right pop of color but still work with the more muted color scheme I wanted. The abstract floral pillows  and Bedrock print pillows were purchased from Kohls. I am not fond of polyfil pillows nor pillows with no opening to allow for changing out the covers. So when I purchased these, I opened them up, removed the fill and installed zippers. I prefer down inserts to poly and pillow covers that can be removed for storage. Who has storage space for lots of seasonal throw pillows? Certainly not I!

My fall decor includes a variety of natural elements like leaves, pine cones, pumpkins, and flowers, both faux and real. Faux leaves and shiny glass pieces, a wooden lantern and a PB birch candle form a vignette in a corner of the great room. I like the juxtaposition of textures – the natural wood, leaves, birch bark and the shiny glass of the vase, pumpkin, and lantern.

Lanterns and battery-operated candles are set to come on at sunset and create a cozy feeling each evening.


One of my favorite blue pottery bowls holds a collection of pine cones and small gourds from Sunshine’s garden.


More leaves and glass pumpkin cloches from PB (no longer available). Fairy lights glow each evening from inside these glass pumpkins.


A simple 5 minute centerpiece was created using wooden candlesticks of varying heights, some faux leaves, a few small pine cones and some miniature white pumpkins. The natural woven fiber table runner (World Market) adds even more texture.

Another simple vignette with lots of woodsy texture sits atop the small table between the kitchen and dining room. Cotton stems and seed pods are held in a wooden vase. Three white pumpkins and faux leaves complete this very neutral grouping.

Late in the summer I dried hydrangeas with the intention of using them  in my fall decor. I’ve incorporated them in a few places. Here they surround the base of a faux candle in an iron sculpted pumpkin from PB a few years ago.

And here blue and white dried hydrangeas are held by a new pottery piece I purchased last summer atop the china cabinet. It’s “wood-like” appearance makes it perfect for fall.

And also here, they help “hide the uglies.” Our MT Nest has a great room, rather than a family room separate from the living room. This means the television is part of the decor (a not great-looking part.) And the accompanying equipment is one of those things I must deal with. So, I do the best I can to camouflage or hide the cable box and modem.

Royal blue and olive green velvet pumpkins sit at the base of this plant that I purchased last spring. The ivy plant is nice, but I couldn’t resist this pot when I saw it. I think I am in my “blue period.” 🙂

I often struggle with appropriate seasonal decor for the guest bathroom. This time I think I hit a home run. Seasonal flowers, pine cones and an amber glass pumpkin combine for just the right touch.

Our front deck is the one we use most frequently to come in and out of the house. It’s also the largest deck. So it’s the place that most of my outdoor fall decorating is done.

I had planned to replace the plants in the whiskey barrel planter, but a few of the summer plants are still going strong, so I held off. Instead I just added some pumpkins and mums and hung wreaths on the french doors and called the deck “done.”

The wreaths I hung are actually recycled from last fall. By simply replacing a few of the flowers, I achieved an entirely different look.

Thanks for visiting Our fall MT Nest.















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5 Responses to Fall Decor

  1. Patty McIntosh says:

    You are a wonderful decorator

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Linda Miller says:

    I think all of your fall decorating this year was a homerun. Perfection. I overdid blue in the 80s and have just started to reintroduce it into my decor the past couple of years. I have used teal with my fall decorating and love it with the traditional autumn colors. Enjoy your warm and cozy fall touches.


  3. Deborah Stevens says:



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