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The Reasons I Won’t Buy Samsung Appliances Again

Why won’t I buy Samsung appliances? The reasons grow from my recent experiences, which make for a long, frustrating, sad tale. I don’t generally use my blog to cast aspersions, but perhaps my tale of woe will help another potential … Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend in the Mountains

What a lovely weekend! Our area had a bit of a preview of fall, with morning temperatures in the upper 50s and high temperatures in the 70s. And we took advantage of the lovely weather, engaging in several outdoor activities … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Yummy Tomatoes!

Tomāto or Tomäto. No matter how you pronounce it, I LOVE tomatoes. I think that I inherited my love of tomatoes from my father. He loved tomatoes too. He grew lots of tomatoes in his garden every year. And all … Continue reading

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Enjoying Summer’s Bounty

Truly one of the best things about summer is the wonderful fresh produce that is available! I relish visiting farmers markets every week from April through the late fall. It is always a treat for the senses seeing the colorful … Continue reading

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Reprising The Firetruck Cake

Three year olds seem to hold a particular fascination with firefighters and firetrucks. When my son, Jeffrey, was three he frequently fought imaginary fires. When he would accompany me grocery shopping, he’d hang on the side of the grocery cart … Continue reading

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