My Lamp Dilemma

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Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. Our weather made a turn for the better. Perhaps we’ve seen the last of Old Man Winter…(fingers crossed) Today I am sharing my lamp dilemma.

We need lamps in our bedroom. We haven’t had any bedside lamps in the bedroom since we took delivery of the bedroom furniture more than a year ago. But, I have a lamp problem. It’s not a new problem. Whenever I am decorating a room, I struggle when it comes to choosing lamps. It’s not that I can’t find lamps that I like. In fact I often find many lamps that I like. But even though I find lamps that appeal to me, it’s difficult to commit to purchasing them for lots of different reasons. Sometimes it’s a price issue. Sometimes it’s because the lamp won’t accommodate a high enough wattage bulb. I like bright light and if a lamp is only able to accommodate a 60 watt bulb, I worry that won’t be sufficient. Sometimes it’s just a matter of not being able to picture how it’s going to look in my room. I look and look and take months to finally make a purchase.

In addition to my usual lamp-choosing/purchasing difficulties, selecting bedside lamps is even more difficult in this case because of the sloping walls/ceiling. Our bedroom is on the second floor of our dome home. So the walls and the ceiling are one and the same. Here’s a better angle to see what the walls look like behind the bed. The dotted lines on the photograph show where the triangular panels of the dome join and slope inward.


On the far side of the bed, notice how the candles nearly touch the ceiling/wall. The wood planks seen beyond the table are beside one of the windows, at floor level. The ceiling slopes toward the center of the room above the bed. This makes choosing a lamp challenging. The maximum height can be only about 25 inches. And, the diameter of any lampshade should be as small as possible. Too large a diameter will mean the lamp base must be moved out away from the wall, and would end up sitting too far forward on the nightstand, which would look odd.

I could go with this type of lamp,  which would certainly work, but I’m not thrilled with that prospect.

My first choice lamp would be one with a clear, fillable base, but the sizes of these won’t work.

PB fillable jar


These lamps might work, based on their dimensions.

lamp Collage labeled

1. Pottery Barn – Eva Colored Glass Table Lamp  2. Lighting Direct – Dimond Clear Table Lamp 3. Pottery Barn – Antique Mercury Glass Bedside Lamp 4. Pottery Barn – Jasmine Fluted Glass Table Lamp 5. Pottery Barn – Mercury Glass Candlestick Table Lamp 6. Lighting Direct – Dimond Light Green Smoke Table Lamp

I’m not sure which one I will ultimately go with. Ordering lamps and then having to return them by mail is not something I want to do, but with any of these lamps it will be mail order. So I want to choose wisely to avoid needing to return it. Your suggestions are welcomed. Signature 2Linking up with:

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3 Responses to My Lamp Dilemma

  1. Lori says:

    That is a dilemma! Hope you find one that works! My problem is I like to easily reach the lamp while I’m in bed without wrenching my shoulder… I’m considering wall mounted swing arm lamps. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!


    • carolyn says:

      Wall mounted lamps are ideal for bedside. I would love to be able to mount lamps on the wall. The other advantage of that is that it leaves the entire bedside table free for other items. But again, our crazy slanting walls prohibit that. These are the kind of things you don’t think about when you decide to build a dome house. And I’ve never seen a model dome home either.


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